After 19 years in the business, I knew I was long overdue for a new look. I wanted something different. Something memorable..... In a world FULL of realtors, I wanted something that resembled nothing that anyone else had. Not an easy task, and I knew it. Jonathan exceeded my expectations and created something more than perfect. It is highly recognizable, unique, and has been a constant source compliments from clients and colleagues.  Thanks so much Jonathan!
Daphne Freill
Real Estate Representative /
NextBrand has been managing our e-mail marketing campaigns and updating our special menus for the past 2 years.  He is great to work with and very professional.  I would recommend Jonathan for anybody's e-mail marketing campaigns.
Michael Morra
Owner / Michael's Back Door Restaurant
It’s hard to imagine your business as a professional and recognized brand. The team at NextBrand understand local business and have turned my small business into a very noticeable brand. Thanks again for all your hard work in making my real estate career successful.
Charlene DeSilva
Real Estate Representative /
I've been a happy client working with Jonathan over the past 2 years.  No matter what I ask of him and his team, they always come up with a solution that exceeds my expectations.  If you have any doubt in their capabilities, call me for the best referral you've ever heard.
Victor Brewda
CEO / Financial Capital Centre
I got the opportunity to work 1-on-1 with Jonathan to create a new brand for my already successful construction company. I would strongly suggest getting a quote from NextBrand, you'll be shocked by his commitment to excellence.
Joseph Morra
Owner / Foremost Construction