ShoreWest Group

Case overview

ShoreWest Group is a new luxury real estate brokerage in Mississauga, run by two dynamic young women. They needed a hand-illustrated logo that reflected their unique brand, as well as for sale and open house signage, and business card design and print. 

Our creative team worked closely with them to develop a logo that captured the essence of their business and the high-end services they provide. We also designed and printed for sale and open house signage that complemented their brand, as well as sleek business cards to leave a lasting impression with potential clients.

The Brief

Our team worked directly with Shorewest Group to hand-illustrate a unique logo that represents the luxury homes they specialize in, as well as the Mississauga and Oakville areas they serve. We then took the key elements of the logo and incorporated them into creative and effective for sale and open house signage, as well as business card design and print. Our approach was to work collaboratively with the client to ensure their vision was brought to life in a way that effectively communicated their brand and their tailored services.

Our Approach

We met with the ShoreWest Group team in person to hand-draw a unique logo that represented their business focus on luxury homes in Mississauga. Our approach was to listen closely to their vision and incorporate the specific elements they envisioned. 

We then extended their branding to include custom signage and business cards, all designed to stand out in the crowded real estate market. Our goal was to create a consistent, recognizable brand that helped the ShoreWest Group establish themselves as a high-end real estate brokerage.

The Results

With our hand-drawn logo and branding work, ShoreWest Group has become a top real estate brokerage in their market, and their brand identity is well recognized by everyone in the community. The customized signage and business cards we created have helped to establish their professional image and showcase their luxury services. 

Overall, our work has given them a strong visual presence and helped to establish them as a reputable and reliable choice for those seeking high-end real estate services in Mississauga.